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The out of the ordinary voxel fantasy RTS with powerful wizards on towers controlling hundreds of minions, fighting epic battles.

Game Features

Original images from Heart of Muriet Windows 10 / 11 version
Heart of Muriet
Less micromanagement

Large battle formations and workers can be managed with just a few clicks.

Heart of Muriet base
Manage your bases

Build a wide variety of buildings for recruiting, research, supply, defense, transportation, and mining.

Heart of Muriet battle
Epic battles

Engage in legendary skirmishes and conquer well-defended bases.

Heart of Muriet Spells

Research to unlock powerful spells for your Seneer Wizard and turn the tide of battle!

Heart of Muriet Tower
Upgrade buildings

Add additional features to improve harvesting or the protection of your base.

Heart of Muriet Strategy

Bide your time to build the right strategy before unleashing a huge army on your unsuspecting enemy.

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The Team behind

Matthias has been working alone on this epic project for the last years. The CRATR.games team were blown away by Matthias’ vision and joined the project to bring this dream alive.
Matthias Schindler
Matthias Schindler
design and code (the maker)
Christian von Duisburg
Christian von Duisburg
Business and marketing
Daniel Hericks
Daniel Hericks
Publishing Manager

The story continues

Steam Early Access in 2022
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